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New York Women’s Wear Print Trends SS 15

The New York Fashion week had a load of inspiration for print lovers, in the Spring/Summer 2015 collections. The collections showed a pattern “full” set of designs! These ranged from botanical, tropical, hyper florals, pop art, and some even dipped into the hippy pond from the 60’s. Some of the highlights of those prints can be seen in this video.

If you have any prints you would like to test, print or design, we can do these for as little as 1 metre prints!


Combining Colours To Create The Perfect Pleasing Patterns

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Did you know that colour and visual elements activate the right brain (emotions), while the printed words activate the left brain (logic)? Colour and Typography remain to be the two most important elements in design. When you harmoniously combine them all you attract a quicker attention to the subject, reinforce impact and recognition, help in establishing powerful identities and brand, set a mood.  Continue reading


Designs & History of The Polka Dot!

Earlier this we showcased some polka dot patterns, and we had talked about the history of the Polka dot. So here we are with a little bit of designs & history of the Polka Dot. Some designs we liked of products using the polka dot, and a little dash of history to go with it. Continue reading

There Is Never A Wrong Time For A Polka Dot!

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There Is Never A Wrong Time For A Polka Dot!

There Is Never A Wrong Time For A Polka Dot! – Marc Jacobs

We cannot but not agree with him. Whether these turn up in the form of bubbles, beads, circles, cells, or just as the plain old polka dot (small or big) we love them. They are gorgeous anywhere you put them, you just cannot go wrong! So here at Chimora Print we asked some of our readers to share some of their favourite patterns and we checked out House Beautiful too! Down below are some of the favourites we found!

Oh and if you like any of these prints, we can custom print them for you and have it delivered to your doorstep. Psst we even do 1 metre prints 🙂

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Quirky DIY Curtains With Multiple Fabrics

Now this has to be the coolest way we have come across to make DIY No Sew Curtains!! These Quirky DIY curtains with multiple fabrics, requires the least amount of effort and are so funky. All you need for this is great fabric, a sense of colours that go together and a pair of scissors.

Don’t believe us – well keep reading and we shall tell you how!

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Print On Demand Is The Future With Today’s Youth

The future of print depends on how upcoming generations value and use it, and on how well they manage its environmental impact.

Today with technology and internet easily available sharing and downloading data sheets, sharing information and interactions, plus providing print friendly pages available has become far more easy. Combined with this, the printing equipment manufacturers have made printing far more accessible with their innovative equipment. So now making a stunning hard copy print is very much possible with the least amount of effort.

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