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Mood Boards: A great team tool!

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How do you get clients, designers, marketing guys, the communications team and the accounting folks to get on board with what’s on your mind? Don’t reach for Voodoo yet, try Mood Boards instead!

chimora print mood board

A summer inspired travel mood board at Chimora Print

“Mood boards (sometimes called inspiration boards) are used in a variety of disciplines. A mood board is extremely useful for establishing the aesthetic feel of a project. Things that can be explored in the mood board include photography style, color palettes, typography, patterns, and the overall look and feel of the project. Soft or hard? Grungy or clean? Dark or light? A rough collage of colors, textures and pictures is all it takes to evoke a specific style or feeling.”

That said, “mood boards can be a pain to create, with many hours spent trawling image galleries, websites, books and magazines looking for that perfect image to sum up your intended feel for the work at hand. So here are a collection of tips to help make your mood board making more effective – and double your chances of winning that pitch!

And finally, mood boards are all about imagination coming together beautifully, so here’s the how-to for the art of inspiration boards! 


Author: chimoraprint

Create and Print your own fabric at Chimora Print! Chimora Print was founded to make fabric designing and printing easy, affordable and convenient. We are focused on ensuring creativity gets an affordable platform to be showcased, making sure that each one of us - designers, students or talented individuals - are able to pursue our hidden design abilities in whatever form we want to and explore our creative talents via experimentation. Chimora Print focuses on Customised Printing and Accurate Color Matches that meet International Quality Standards. Our Digital Printing Solutions offer instant solutions to create innovative opportunities in fabric design and the affordable pricing makes it an excellent partner supporting creativity across a wide canvas. If you are passionate about design and want to meet like minded enthusiasts, join our community and contribute your creativity to make new things possible.

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