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Designs & History of The Polka Dot!


Earlier this we showcased some polka dot patterns, and we had talked about the history of the Polka dot. So here we are with a little bit of designs & history of the Polka Dot. Some designs we liked of products using the polka dot, and a little dash of history to go with it.

Spotted prints were known by number of different names. Slate’s Jude Stewart tells us in

Switzerland – “Dotted- referred to raised dots on transparent tulle,”

France – “quinconce described the diagonal arrangement of dots seen on the 5-side of dice.”

Germany – “[t]he large coin-sized dots on fabric, called Thalertupfen in German, got their name from Thaler, the currency of German-speaking Europe until the late 1800s.”

Designs & History of The Polka Dot!

Source: Pinterest

However in 19th Century Europe came up with the word “polkamania” referring to the excitement from the dance form Polka. From theirein came the words Polka Jacket & Hat (though none were spotted). Thought the link between polka dot and dance is slim, however it is said that the dot pattern reflects the short energy bursts that the dance form employs.

Though if you look at when did this term first come into print – it is with a women’s magazine “Godey’s Laday’s Book” in America in 1857. They used the term to describe a scarf “scarf of muslin, for light summer wear, surrounded by a scalloped edge, embroidered in rows of round polka dots.”

Designs & History of The Polka Dot!

Source: Quaint Desk

Designs & History of The Polka Dot!

Polka Dot Fabric Buttons

Source: The Hairpin


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  1. lol this is fun fact!!

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