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Quirky DIY Curtains With Multiple Fabrics


Now this has to be the coolest way we have come across to make DIY No Sew Curtains!! These Quirky DIY curtains with multiple fabrics, requires the least amount of effort and are so funky. All you need for this is great fabric, a sense of colours that go together and a pair of scissors.

Don’t believe us – well keep reading and we shall tell you how!

So What Do You Need?

Well typically when you see the image above you would think you would need scraps of cloth. However, go try matching the scraps to see if they look nice together. Yup, they will not look nice, plus with differing lengths it will be almost impossible.

The better option instead is to go online, match different fabric designs and then buy them. If you find a few designs that match, but need some more, you can even create your own fabric design to match.

The number of panels you want to use depends totally on your own will and wish! You can order online through Chimora online print store, and that too fabric which is only 1 metre long. So you could get three fabrics and then cut them up to create a 3 paneled look!

Quirky DIY Curtains with multiple fabrics

REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO MEASURE YOUR WINDOW SIZE BEFORE YOU ORDER THE FABRIC. Do the math (it’s not Einstein math). So, at Chimora you can get a 1 metre long cloth which has a width of 42”. If your window is 60 inch wide, and you have two fabric pieces, then cut each fabric into 2.5” wide strips. You will need 12 of these from each fabric. That will be 12*2.5”=30, which is repeated in the other fabric pattern as well.

Quirky DIY Curtains with multiple fabrics

                  Quirky DIY Curtains with multiple fabrics. Source: Today’s Creative

How To Creat Your Quirky DIY Curtains With Multiple Fabrics


  • Once that is done arrange the strips in the order you want them to go on the curtain rod
  • Then you simply fold your strips in half and loop them through around the rod
  • Repeat the process till all the fabric strips are used up and you have the desired width

That’s it! This is a great way to cover a window which you don’t, use often, or to just hide an ugly window, or even a wall!

One final tip – you can use the left over fabric to create curtain ties!

As usual give us a shout if you have any queries…



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4 thoughts on “Quirky DIY Curtains With Multiple Fabrics

  1. ha ha now this i love… just loop them in… this is more my style!!

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