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Some Questions Answered For DIY Fabric Drawer Liners

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So some of our readers had a few questions about our DIY project of the week! So we thought we will put them together in our tips section, for all our other readers to benefit from as well!!

P.S. if you have any tips from your attempt just comment below and we shall add them!!


Q – How can I make sure the cloth does not wrinkle while i am dipping it and drying it

A – When you have to dip it in the stiffener, fold it and dip it. To remove the excess stiffener just squeeze the cloth don’t wring it, it has to be wet enough that it does not drip. If you see the wrinkles after putting it to dry, then wait till it is just dried and then iron it.

Q – If I am using the homemade stiffener how much water should you add?

A – If you are using homemade stiffener then dont add more water. If you are using store bought stiffener then add half stiffener and half water.

Q – Though I have measured the fabric before cutting it, when I put it in the draw, some bits are sticking out. What to do?

A – If any excess fabric is cut out which you realise after cutting don’t stress, line the fabric such that the front matches exactly then any excess can be taped to the back of the draw. if there is any excess on the sides, use a cutter to slice of the extra bits

Q – Can I use glue instead of tape to stick the fabric to the bottom?

A – We use tape, coz it is then easier later, if you want to change the look to take them off without damaging your drawers. However, you are free to put glue.



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One thought on “Some Questions Answered For DIY Fabric Drawer Liners

  1. Thank you so much! I just was wondering about the wrinkle thing…

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