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Drab to Fab - DIY Fabric Drawer Liners

Drab to Fab – DIY Fabric Drawer Liners


A few weeks back, I helped a friend settle into her new house. While we were unpacking, her stuff and putting it away in the cupboards, she asked me to line them with paper first. I told her, it is better to line them with fabric instead. As they were, pretty to look at and did not wear and tear soon. Fabric drawer liners are more long lasting and if you get custom fabric, you can match them with your décor!

When I first moved out of my house, and set up my new place, my mother advised me on a number of things (apart from the – be careful, do not party too much, study hard etc. etc. i.e.). When I was putting up my clothes in the cupboards, she insisted that I should line my drawers with old newspaper. So, every time I was spring cleaning I would change the newspapers and put up fresh ones.

However, what used to bug me is:

  • The paper would shift every time I was rooting around in the drawer,
  • They tear very fast,
  • They looked ugly
  • If the print was bad, (in one case) the ink transferred to my clothes!

A friend suggested using fancy wrapping paper for liner, which solved the look ugly part, but the rest remained. Especially if you tried sticking the paper to the bottom, then taking it off was a pain if the paper tore.

That is when the idea of fabric drawer liners came to me (well I saw it in a colleague’s house)! So here is a short view of how you can create your own DIY fabric liners for your drawers!

What do you need?

  • The most important part of this project is the fabric you choose! You can get it online at the Chimora Print Store. Online fabric shopping is so easy, and affordable, especially since you can choose or upload your own designs to get them custom printed on a fabric of your choice! In addition, there is no dearth of inspiration for ideas on what design would work! The best part you can choose to get only a yard of the fabric printed!
  • Fabric stiffener which if you can’t find in the shop you can make it at home with our DIY homemade fabric stiffener tutorial
  • Tape, Scissors and measuring tape

Now, how to do it

  • First cut the fabric into the size you need by measuring the drawers inside
  • Then soak the fabric in the fabric stiffener just till it is completely wet
  • Then dry the fabric but make sure it is drying flat (hanging on the clothesline, best)
  • Once it is dry it will be stiff, but it will not be hard sort of, like how the playing cards are like
  • Use the tape to fasten the fabric to the inside bottom of your drawers
  • If there is any excess sticking out, use a cutter to slice of extra bits
  • Voila you are all done



Author: Regina Antony

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6 thoughts on “Drab to Fab – DIY Fabric Drawer Liners

  1. Loving the idea of lining the drawers with fabric. I’ve lined my drawers with pretty papers before but not fabric.

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  3. This is ironic! I’m redoing my husbands study desk and painting it white, now I am wondering some lovely fabric lining the drawers would be real cool!

  4. using the home made stiffener brilliant! never heard of it being made before, but it transforms the the draws so beautifully!

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