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Sewing Project : Envelope Pillows

Sewing Project : Envelope Pillows


So on Tuesday our guest writer Mina, wrote about her no stitch way of making Envelope Pillows. However, not all of us stitching challenged like Mina :-). Plus, some of our readers, prefer stitching over gluing or hem taping. So we thought for those of you who know how to stitch and sew well, we have found a few tutorials online for you to browse through. We like all of them, it depends on which makes most sense to you!

Oh and in case you have a tailor handy, then you can use these tutorials to give him directions too!!

Sewing Project : Envelope Pillows

Easy Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial Source: Six Sister Stuff




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2 thoughts on “Sewing Project : Envelope Pillows

  1. These are so gorgeous!

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