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DIY: Envelope Pillow Covers With Fabric Glue or Hem Tape!

DIY: Envelope Pillow Covers With Fabric Glue or Hem Tape!


Growing up my sister was the creative person in our family. She loved stitching and would make tops, dresses, skirts etc. I of course, have no creative skills! Now all grown up and living in my own house, I want it to have my style stamp! I unfortunately do not have any sewing skills :-(.

I like updating my interiors, frequently. This can be expensive, so updating the covers on my numerous cushions is a easy and inexpensive method. I love cushions, all shapes and sizes! I have them on my sofa’s, beds and some chairs too! However, I am not inclined to trawl through multiple sites or stores looking for THAT design, that would fit right in! So getting my own custom fabric is the perfect solution, to making my style cushions!

So I like cushion covers, would like to update them regularly, but its expensive and I don’t know how to sew!

So the solution to my problem – CUSHION COVERS MADE WITH GLUE / HEM TAPE

What do you need?

The most important part of this project is the fabric you choose! You can get it online at the Chimora Print Store. Online fabric shopping is so easy, and affordable, especially since you can choose or upload your own designs to get them custom printed on a fabric of your choice! Plus there is no dearth of inspiration for ideas on what design would work!

  • Fabric Glue or hem tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Cushion

Get Cracking

  • Put the fabric on the floor and the cushion on top of it
  • Cut the fabric like as you are wrapping a gift keeping in mind an inch of hem on the sides.
  • It has to be long enough to make an envelope, i.e the tail end needs to overlap
  • Once the fabric is cut use no sew hem tape or glue to smoothen your edges by folding the edges one inch in
  • Once all sides of the fabric are smoothed properly, fold the fabric the wrong side like a gift wrap
  • Now use the glue or hem tape to fix the sides to each other
  • Then flip it inside out and you are all done.

Author: Regina Antony

A Curiously Observing soul | A digitally minded Marketer Crime Series Fan | A Creator & Curator of Content Mantra for life: Loving oneself is the begining of a life long romance

5 thoughts on “DIY: Envelope Pillow Covers With Fabric Glue or Hem Tape!

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