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Some Questions Answered For DIY Fabric Covered Hangers?

Some Questions Answered For DIY Fabric Covered Hangers?


So some of our readers had a few questions about our DIY project of the week! So we thought we will put them together in our tips section, for all our other readers to benefit from as well!!

P.S. if you have any tips from your attempt just comment below and we shall add them!!

Anita – I can’t get the strips to wrap properly coz they are straight

    – You have to wrap the fabric at an angle. That will allow you to wrap the fabric with ease

Sonia – I have these frayed edges to my fabric what do I do

    – Well, they can be part of the look. If not, then wrap over the edges when you wrap and the frayed bits will get hidden. Plus you can zing the threads, by lightly running the edges near an open flame (my mum used to do it!)

Sheena – How do I keep the fabric strip in place as I move on?

    – Keep applying glue at regular intervals to ensure that the fabric does not move / become lose, as you continue wrapping

Lucy – I have to wait long before the glue dries, so a 5 min DIY project becomes a hour long nightmare

    – Use hot glue it will adhere faster

Nina – I have these hook like things at the bottom of the hanger, what to do with them

    – Break them if you don’t want them, else let it be. They are too tiny to spoil your hangers look.

Mita – Can you make padded hangers with these too?

    – Yes, you can! Take a look at this post where we have added how to add padding to your DIY Fabric covered hangers!



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2 thoughts on “Some Questions Answered For DIY Fabric Covered Hangers?

  1. lovely lovely lovely, so trying them on in my house!!!

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