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DIY Fabric covered hangers to match your décor!

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When our Operations Head moved to her new house, one of her pet peeves was the ugly plastic / steel hangers she had to use. We thought she was being “too arty”J. However, when we went for a party at her house we realised she had a reason to be! She had this beautiful vintage wooden double door closet! Unfortunately as you opened it you saw these ugly hangers inside.

That is when one of our colleague’s wife, gave her the idea of DIY fabric covered hangers!!! It was such beautiful and simple idea, that we all wondered why it never struck us!!

Anyways so we thought we shall share with you what we learnt!

What do you need?

  • Fabric – this you can choose a design that fits with your décor, get it printed at ChimoraPrint online store. [As little as 1 metre]
  • Fabric glue
  • Hangers
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons etc. anything that you may want to add as toppings 😉
DIY Fabric covered hangers to match your décor!

DIY Fabric covered hangers to match your décor!

Now how do we do this

  1. First up cut the fabric into strips 1 inch wide. If you use a fancy scissor you can get a lovely edge to the strips.
  2. Then apply glue to one end of the fabric strip and start wrapping/winding it around the hanger, while applying glue at regular intervals to keep it secure
  3. When one strip finishes, apply glue to the end of the finishing strip and join it with a new strip and keep going on
  4. When you get to the top of the hook, wrap the fabric strip to one side and glue it properly
  5. You can add lace, ribbons or other sparkles to make your hanger shine

That’s it you are done!!!

No seriously that is all that is needed!! You can choose multiple pieces of fabric or the same, as per your desire.

If you would like to share any pictures of your DIY fabric projects, send them to us. If we like it we will feature it in our blog and social media!!


Source: Pointdextr

DIY Fabric covered hangers to match your décor!

Source: Freckled Fox



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