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DIY-STYLE: Update your style with these easy to make DIY Fabric bangles!

DIY-STYLE: Update your style with these easy to make DIY Fabric bangles


I love bangles absolutely and totally! I feel they add jazz and color to any outfit that I wear. The problem me and my friends end up having is getting the right bangles to go with the right outfit. So when I came across these DIY fabric bangles I fell in love with the idea totally. They are so easy to make and create that, I almost end up making new bangles every other weekend!!

I design and advise my clients on what to wear – so a fashion designer and a stylist! I tend to create my own patterns which I get printed at the Chimora Online store. Since they allow me to print upto just 1 meter of fabric as well it is great for printing fabric with some absolutely out of the world designs. Which is where I thought of coming up with my own line of fabric accessories. I choose a pattern get Chimora to print it and create a collection of accessories from it.

So what do you need to start!

  • Well old bangles that may have lost color, scratched or even perfectly fine ones
  • Fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Pretty little things – sequins, buttons, sparkles, patches, tassels, beads etc.

Next up!

Well, it is fairly simple, cut the fabric into strips like this.

Then apply some glue to the inside of the bracelet and glue one end of the fabric onto it

Then start wrapping the fabric around the bracelet and occasionally apply glue to keep it in place

Glue the end of the fabric at the end towards the inside and trim off any excess fabric

TIP – if the edges of the fabric are frayed let them be, they will add a vintage touch!

Wait – that’s it? YES – your DIY fabric bangle is ready!

I tend to match the fabric with the dress sometimes, and it makes the accessories ultra unique. You can always wrap more fabric on top to rework an existing one!!



Author: Regina Antony

A Curiously Observing soul | A digitally minded Marketer Crime Series Fan | A Creator & Curator of Content Mantra for life: Loving oneself is the begining of a life long romance

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