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DrabToFab – DIY Chair Back Covers with no stitching

DrabToFab – DIY Chair Back Covers with no stitching

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In our DrabToFab series we are this time looking at chair covers! If your chairs are looking boring or old, if one of the chairs has a scar, or broken slat this is the perfect project to refresh them. You can cover any “scars” with these covers. Best, you can change them when they get dirty and upgrade your room with a fresh breath of colour!!

This is a really easy to do DIY project which

  • Does not require you to own a sewing machine
  • Is easy on the pocket
  • Would require a very minimal amount of effort
  • Would refurbish your chairs
  • Will give a new look for your room
  • Will add some colour, pattern and style to their house


 The most important part of this project is the fabric you choose! You can get it online at the Chimora Print Store. Online fabric shopping is so easy, and affordable, especially since you can choose or upload your own designs to get them custom printed on a fabric of your choice! Plus there is no dearth of inspiration for ideas on what design would work!

DrabToFab - DIY No Sew Chair Back Covers

So What Would You Need To Start?

Fabric, Accessories – ribbons, brooches, fancy clips etc. to add some jazz to those covers, Glue – Any sort will work (even Fevicol) or staple, Measuring tape, Cloth marker, Scissors

Measuring the Fabric

  • First measure the width of the back of the chair (A)
  • Then the height of the back of the chair (B) & then the height of the front of the chair (C). Final back height would be B+C
  • Remember to add a few inches to these measures to accommodate the hemming
  • For e.g. If width (A) is 10” then after adding 1” it will be 11”. If back height (B) is 15” and front height (C) is 8”, then total back height is 23”. After adding 1” it will be 24” finally.
  • So for every chair you would have to cut fabric 11” wide and 24” long.

The Cover

Wash the fabric before to accommodate shrinkage. Cut the fabric you have ordered as per the size measurements you have taken. To get properly finished edges after cutting, fold the edges twice over on all sides

Making The Ties – first decide where you want the ties to be on your chair. There will be 4 ties in total, front & back, 2 on each side. Mark them with a cloth marker. Then cut your ties into pieces depending on the size you like.

Attaching The Ties To The Cover

  • Apply glue on both sides of one end of the tie. Place it under the fold of the back cover and press. You can also staple it if the fabric allows it

Once each tie has been attached, apply the glue under the remaining folds all around the cover. Press it down. Use a heavy item to keep it pressed so the glue adheres properly.

Now tie them on and voilà your chairs will look brand new!


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