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Printing digitally on fabric!

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Digital printing is a revolution in the printing industry. It allows everyone from a fashion designer to a student to a stay at home mom to create custom fabrics from the comfort of their homes. You can create your own designs, borrow from others, or take one of ours. Upload them to our site and choose the fabric you want it printed on.

You can use the fabric for anything that suits your fancy, bed linen, new dress, salwar kameez, tops, scarves, cushion covers, curtains, table cloth, quilt covers, DIY home decor. Essentially it depends on your imagination as to what you want to create.

At chimoraprint, we will print and deliver the fabric to your doorstep. You can order fabric as little as 1 metre if that is all you need.

So give us a call, email or visit our site!
Phone 076 00 418908


Author: Regina Antony

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