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The Big Question – What is so great about digital printing?


Hi-fashion delivered via an inkjet printer? Is that true? Yes very much so, there are a growing number of couture designers who have adopted the digital printing technology to showcase their work. This has given brand designers like Akris, Helmut Lang & Valentino the ability to create custom fabrics far more easily. It has given fashion the edge to respond faster to changes, & create exclusive & personalised creations with ease.

Faster turnaround for your printing requirements

One of the key reasons why this technology has been taken up so aggressively is because of the faster turnaround it offers. With traditional printing, the mere prepping before final printing can take weeks to get in place. As customised error free mesh screens have to be created first. With digital printing the entire image can be transferred onto the fabric in one go straight from the source. So you can order your custom design fabric with minimal errors and get your final product within a week or two! This makes last minute corrections and Just in Time orders to be fulfilled effortlessly.

At Chimora, we give our customers the luxury of managing their entire design & printing process from the comfort of their homes.

It is more cost efficient & labour friendly!

Unlike traditional printing methods digital printing is less costly on the purse and is not labour intensive. As no customised screen meshes have to be created, you save money on creating them for each pattern including corrections. You do not require skilled artisans to run a digital printer, you need a labour force which can work a machine with precision – which is easier to find.

Keep your design under wraps

As this printing method does not take too long, you can keep your designs under lock and key till the last minute. Especially in India, where duplication is a major threat, you can avoid your designs hitting the streets before you have launched them.

Limitless creativity

Unlike typical textile designs which are limited by 6- 12 colours, Chimora’s digital printing can handle from 4 – 40 colours in printing. Albert Kriemler used a photo from a newspaper to create a sideways image which changed the colours of the image. Thus, creating a view which achieved a startling change to the images perception!

What do the designers say!

There is a growing acknowledgment of the benefits of digital fabric printing. Also, the quality of these prints, have improved tremendously over the years giving crisper image resolutions. Sara Rotman, who specialises in silk scarves labelled Loquita, moved her scarves from being screen printed in China to Italy for digital printing. She goes on to say, “I’m getting crisp, sharp edges that I can’t get in screen print.”

Theia designer Don O’Neill got the tough job of putting together a floral print gown for Carrie Underwood to be worn at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. With three weeks to design, print and stitch – digital fabric printing was the method of choice. He shipped out a red poppy painting to his printer who sent him the design printed on silk organza within the deadline. Don O’ Neil thinks digital fabric printing “is awesome”!

So what is your take on digital fabric printing share with us your opinion!

You Design It! We Print It. –


Author: Regina Antony

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2 thoughts on “The Big Question – What is so great about digital printing?

  1. I have just started designing ( well I have ONE design so fa), and was really reluctant at first about digital over screen-printing.
    I imagined the colour wouldn’t have as much depth or something. However, it is much better for the environment, and cheaper. I’ve just sent off my first test swatch for digital printing, so here’s hoping its OK!

    Thanks for the informative post!


    • Hey Hanna,

      Thanks so much for liking us and glad we could be of help! Keep watching this space for more and we would value feedback on what we post from you…

      Here’s to an awesome design journey with many more designs that inspire…


      Team Chimora

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